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Now everybody and their uncle has a Facebook account, but that desire to be part of a sophisticated, almost mysterious club, remains.

BOAW’s promises of trust and escape are echoed by Andrew Wessels, founder of the UK-based social media platform The Marque.

Founder and CEO Erik Wachtmeister has launched similar apps before — he says once, while on a wild boar hunt in Germany, the idea of an online meeting place for “global nomads” struck him.

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The website is a jumping-off point for IRL connections: members usually organize events where they can talk freely among people of a similar social tier — without interruption from outsiders looking to elevator pitch their way to success. “Basically our members spent their lives being sold to by people who want something from them.

It’s having the option to ignore people living lives wildly unlike your own.

And this can seem ironic coming from the kinds of people who already have the least to fear online, and in the real world.

The idea that an app can increase your privacy and your personal relevance in tandem might sound strange to anyone who has ever received a Twitter reply from a belligerent stranger.

But what BOAW seems to really be promising is the option to remain in a world you already know, even online.

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